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The Thriving Therapist is here to ignite mental health professionals’ passion & skill to care for ourselves as brilliantly as we care for our clients…

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About The Thriving Therapist: Behind the Scenes

Dr. Matt Hersh founded The Thriving Therapist after enduring a life-threatening illness over a decade ago. From that experience and witnessing the unnecessary suffering of too many colleagues, Matt came to the stark realization that we, as mental health practitioners, are at great risk of losing sight of ourselves as we’re so constantly focused on others.

The Thriving Therapist is here to help with our overwhelm, “dis-integration”, and the slow drain of our precious resources. Because we all possess incredible potential for thriving and wholeness, we can start at any time by acknowledging that our powerful capacities to care for others can be turned compassionately toward ourselves.

Dr. Matt Hersh, founder of The Thriving Therapist

What Your Fellow Practitioners Are Saying

Jennifer Rollin

“Matt is truly making a difference when it comes to how helping professionals and therapists think about and practice self-care. Through his blog posts, he delves into useful and insightful topics regarding therapist self-care.

In connecting and speaking with Matt, it was evident that he is passionate about the field and helping other therapists to embrace self-care and live their best lives. He goes out of his way to be helpful and compassionate to others and is truly knowledgeable when to the topics of therapist self-care, mindfulness, burnout, and exploring our values. He is an incredible asset to the field and to other clinicians.”

Jennifer Rollin, LCSW-C, Eating Disorder Specialist in Private Practice, Blogger
Jeanne Mahon

“Matt and I have been collaborating to bring mindfulness and meditation to Harvard students since 2012. As soon as he reached out to me to discuss the idea, I knew I had found a reliable, warm and skilled practitioner and colleague.

Matt provides the perfect balance of quiet practice for students to explore the skills and meditations with just the right amount of guidance, instruction and feedback to keep them engaged and learning. His devotion to his own meditation, family time, and self-care infuses his work with an honesty and authenticity that everyone responds to and benefits from.”

Jeanne Mahon, M.Ed, Former Director, Center for Wellness at Harvard University
Evan Ealdheter

“Matt provided our staff with a wonderful and important presentation on therapist self-care. The talk was very well-received and extremely timely, as it was offered at a particularly busy time of year in our counseling center – a time when staff are at greater risk of burn out.

Matt provided us with practical strategies for integrating self-compassion and self-care into our daily routine in ways that have facilitated our ability to be mindful and present with clients, and to effectively nurture and recharge ourselves as we manage emotionally demanding work.”

Evan Waldheter, PhD, Staff Psychologist at MIT Mental Health & Counseling Service

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